Lindy on Sproul History

Swing dancing at Berkeley did start from nothing. From a meager 4 people every Saturday, Lindy on Sproul expanded the Berkeley Swing Dancing scene to over 60 regular dancers and organized events hosting over 300 people! Check out this history, see how a few people with lots of energy and a passion for dancing made something so wonderful as this!

August 2007
The sign
In March 2006, LoS set on a goal to create a permanent symbol of swing dancing on the Berekley campus - and what better way then free advertising on Sather Bridge. Natalie and James successfully petitioned for money from the ASUC and Jeremy and James dashed off with the money to buy high-class sign materials. Both Boy Scouts, they thought they could finish it in a day.. but it took 4 months to finally finish.. and there it lies on Sather Bridge.. forever.

April 2007
The Last Lindy at Night
Lindy at Nights became a tradition at LoS but the casual swing dancing was not enough. We wanted something big, a venue people would come to from all around the Bay Area! With direction under Joanna, Lindy at Night boasted 300 dancers right on Upper Sproul! 4 performance groups dancing atop the steps of Sproul, a 100 person Charleston Circle, and an explosive snowball all in one night!

January 2007
With a goal to spread swing around all of Berkeley, Jade, Jeremy, James, Natalie, and Jean Anne created a 11-week begginner and intermediate swing class. The idea was to not only teach the moves but to also teach the free dancing philosophy. To get in the class, dancers wrote an essay about their "Personal Dance History" and we selected those who danced or wanted to dance for the reasons beyond the superficial. In November 2006, James tried to make this class an official class, but unfortunately he temporarily. So how did it still happen? We reserved random rooms - one in Tolman (the Psychology building) and one in
Giannini and danced under the noses of late night grad students and custodians.

April 2006
The First Lindy at Night
Talk went on and on for weeks and weeks about dancing at night. LoS was craving for a romantic moon dance. So spontaenously, we threw one right in front of Haas Pavilion. Smooth dance steps, brisk night air, and a full moon filled the night with an unforgettable feeling. Such an intimate crowd that everyone knew everybody.. a great group of 50 =)

August 2004
The Resurrection
Howard Chong revived Lindy on Sproul. Starting out with only a small cozy handful, Lindy on Sproul started its intimate, free, and fun dance environment!